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If you are working at a Senior Level and are looking for career advice, support and/or development, our Executive Career Coaching is designed to help. 


We work with Senior Managers, C-Suite Executives and Board Members to help you thrive in your chosen career. We provide:

  • Career development guidance and coaching

  • Career transition advice

  • Support after redundancy

  • Internal promotion and networking planning

  • MBA and professional development advice



Our Executive Career Coaching has 2 parts: .


Online Career Assessment -

We ask all our coaching clients to initially complete an online career assessment tool.  This assessment helps to identify your personal values, preferred work environments, personality type, and key strengths. The assessment takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.


See Sample Report - Career Interests Profiler

See Sample Report - Career Personality Profiler


Exective Career Coaching Session - The coaching session is a one and a half hour face to face, phone or Skype consultation with a dedicated Executive Career Coach.

Are you working in a senior or executive role?
Are you ready for a change or your next career challenge?
Are you career transitioning or looking for promotion? 
Or perhaps you are facing some challenges  in the workplace instead of thriving.
We can help.

"The Exec Career Coaching I received from Blue Sky was first class. Julie got the root of the problem and asked all the right questions. We created an effective plan of action steps, and I came away feeling confident, supported and empowered."

Adriana T, Senior Manager, Sydney

​​​​​Executive Career Coaching Session

This package is designed for people working in senior roles and executive level positions.


  • Assess your interests, values, motivators and personality type

  • Evaluate your career path and trajectory to date, and identify key focus areas and/or current career challenges

  • Identify solution options, key players, actions and resources

  • Highlight your transferable skills and strengths, and explore how these could map across to new opportunities

  • Evaluate any skill or knowledge gaps, and explore opportunities to up-skill

  • Discuss appropriate networking opportunities and how to best manage and leverage your current network

  • Get feedback on your resume and advice on how to tailor it for different positions

  • Develop a strategic plan with actionable steps to guide your future career development.

Fee Guide (includes GST)



The package includes the online career assessment and report, and the 1.5 hour career coaching session, either face to face of via Skype or phone.