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6 Essential Resume Writing Tips To Win Your Next Interview

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

We all know how essential it is for our resume to be the best it can be! Here are some quick resume writing tips to make sure you get the interview.

6 Professional Resume Writing Tips

1. Remove Unnecessary Info

Remove your address or any unnecessary personal information, particularly marital status or age! Leave just your phone number, email and a link to your LinkedIn profile. The exception to this advice on address is if you live really close to the employer's site, as that can be a plus for employers during the screening stage.

2. Add a Professional Profile

Add a ‘Career Profile’ or ‘Professional Summary / Profile’ paragraph at the top of your resume that tells your unique story, it should align with your elevator pitch. Think....What you do? Who you do it for? How long have you done it? What problems do you solve or what contributions do you make and how? Keep it punchy and interesting!

3. Keyword Optimise Your Skills

Ensure your key skills are keyword optimised. The ‘Careers Advice’ page provides the top ten key words for each role type if you need inspiration.

4. Have an Engaging Layout

Keep the format interesting and consistent by using tables, bullets and easy to follow headers throughout the document.

5. Keep it 4 Pages or Less

If your resume is longer than three or four pages it time to cull or reformat. Use the space but balance it out for the human eye so it is pleasant to review!

6. Showcase Your Offering

Share ‘Responsibilities’ and ‘Achievements’ for each role. Your ‘Achievements’ sections are your time to shine. They sell your contributions and capabilities far more than a list of duties or responsibilities.

Happy resume writing!

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