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Award winning, industry leading career experts, supporting you to discover and secure a fulfilling career.

Founded in 2013 by Julie Knox, Blue Sky Career Consulting is an award winning, professional career development practice, supporting our clients with career coaching, leadership coaching, resume writing, job searching, interview training and more.


Where we really stand out from the crowd however is by putting our values at the heart of everything we do.


We make it our priority to understand your individual needs and provide tailored, informed and supportive solutions to help you thrive in your career. 


Julie Knox, Founder & Career Coach


Knowledgeable Expertise


Friendly & Supportive


Personalised Service


Holistic Approach

Julie Knox Career Coach

JULIE KNOX, Founder / Career Coach
Blue Sky Career Consulting was established in 2013 by Career Coach, Julie Knox. Julie's corporate background spans a 20 year career within HR, L&D and Career Coaching, across both the private and public sectors. Julie is a professional member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) and loves nothing more than the thrill of helping her clients to find the perfect role and love what they do.

Sheridan is a professional member of the CDAA and a highly experienced Career Coach. Sheridan has had a successful 15 year career in Recruitment,  HR and Career Coaching across multiple industries. Her consistent focus throughout her career has been to help people identify their career goals, and equip them with the tools, techniques and confidence to achieve their passion.

Sheridan Hawkins Career Coach
Alicia Baden Career Coach Resume Writer

ALICIA BADEN, Career Coach & Resume Writer
Alicia is an experienced HR specialist, and professional member of the CDAA, with extensive knowledge of recruitment and career support across multiple sectors. She loves using her HR background to provide career coaching, job searching techniques and professional branding expertise for our clients. Alicia is also an expert resume, cover letter and LinkedIn™️ writer. 

Jenni is a passionate Career Coach who loves to empower our clients to transition into meaningful and satisfying careers. With 25 years of combined experience in HR, L&D and Career Coaching, Jenni has a warm and caring approach and has expertise across multiple sectors and industries. Jenni is a professional member of the CDAA. 

Jenni Simmons Career Coach Resume Writer
Wendy Holden Pic.jpeg

WENDY HOLDEN, Executive Career Coach, & Resume Writer
Wendy’s experience spans 20 years working as a career transition coach and resume writer. Wendy’s skills and experience provide her with the ability to support our clients in achieving their career goals. She loves working collaboratively, providing professional support, career guidance and practical solutions, particularly with our more senior clients, allowing them to succeed.  

ANNA FLEMING, Career Coach & Resume Writer
Anna has worked as a dedicated Career Coach and Resume Writer for the last 10 years . Her previous career was within Executive Search & Recruitment where she excelled in professional branding and interview training . Anna has wonderful broad knowledge of multiple industries and sectors and enjoys working closing with clients to help them achieve their career goals. 

Anna Fleming 2 - Copy.jpg

RACHEL JELLEY, Resume Writer
Rachel is a communications professional and corporate writer with comprehensive experience across a diverse range of industries, from financial services to luxury goods and not-for-profit. She creates resumes that articulate your strengths, experience and achievements in a clear and compelling way, so that employers will instantly recognise the value you’ll bring to a role. 

Salam is one of approximately 80 Nationally Certified Resume Writers (NCRW) worldwide. A passionate and highly experienced job search specialist, Salam has had a successful 10+ year career working collaboratively with job seekers to curate their resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn™️ profiles. Salam has supported a diverse range of clients including C-level executives across a vast range of public and private industries.  


With extensive writing experience and over 15 years’ in marketing communications and corporate writing in Australia and the UK, Michelle works closely with our clients to tailor resumes, cover letters, key selection criteria and LinkedIn™️ profiles across a diverse range of industry sectors. 

VERONICA MILLEN, Career Coach & Resume Writer
Veronica has over 20 years of experience working in HR, including recruitment, and has been through her own career transitions making her
well placed to support our clients. Veronica is a passionate and qualified Coach. She has over 1,000 hours of coaching experience and is certified as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC). Veronica specialises in career coaching and over the past decade, has supported hundreds of happy clients.

Profile Pic.jpg

With a background in Psychology and over 20 years of experience  including HR and recruitment, training, coaching and career development across varied industries and sectors, Karen brings a practical and holistic approach to her work. A professional member of the CDAA, she’s passionate about helping her clients to find and develop personally rewarding careers. 

Amanda is an experienced resume writer and communications specialist, holding a BA in Professional Writing and Editing. She has written hundreds of resumes, cover letters, selection criteria and LinkedIn™️ content for job seekers across a range of sectors and professional levels. Amanda collaborates with clients to create compelling content that stands out, capturing the client’s strengths, unique achievements and attributes. 

Photo Amanda Anastasi.jpg
Diana Lim (Professional).jpg

DIANA LIM, Career Coach
Diana is a passionate Executive/Career Coach, with over 12 years' experience in coaching, job search skills and interview training across varied industry sectors.  Her belief in the possibility of rewarding career change comes from experience, having previously worked in Management Consulting, Information Technology and Financial Services (CA).  A Professional Member of the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA), Diana provides a practical, structured and holistic approach when helping clients find/create lasting career fulfilment.  


Chrissy is a qualified, experienced and certified Career Practitioner, with extensive experience in the Career Development, Recruitment and Employment industries. Passionate about making a positive contribution to each client she works with, Chrissy understands and empathises with how daunting career and study decisions and career transitions can be. Through her friendly, warm and down to earth nature, Chrissy supports, encourages and empowers her clients to secure quality, meaningful careers.

website pic no glasses jacket.jpg

CAT MEERE, Career Coach
Cat is an experienced Career Coach with a passion for empowering her clients to identify and harness their natural strengths and find a role that suits their personality type, engages their passions, and is aligned with their values. Cat has a corporate background spanning a 15-year career within HR, L&D and Career Coaching, across both the private and public sectors and multiple industries. Cat is a professional member of the CDAA and loves coaching clients to create a strong personal brand. 

ALISON ROWLEY, Resume Writer
With a distinguished background as a Senior Detective Sergeant in the UK, now based in Australia, Alison provides a unique understanding of policing career transitions. Working as a dedicated resume writer, she actively listens to the client and engages in meaningful collaboration to gain an understanding of the their skills and experience to craft a compelling resume. Alison showcases the very best of the client's strengths and transferable skills to empower them to step confidently out of the blue, and into new and exciting opportunities. 

AR - Headshot _edited_edited.jpg

Natarsha is a passionate Career Coach and a dedicated professional member of the CDAA. Her true passion lies in guiding clients towards their utmost potential. Natarsha possesses extensive experience working with a diverse range of individuals, from seasoned professionals to ambitious students all seeking to navigate their carer journeys. Her expertise in personal branding sees her assisting clients to identify their distinct strengths and values and transforming them into captivating personal brands.

VIVIEN DUPIT, Executive Assistant / Administration Manager
Vivien has more than 10 years of administrative and customer service experience. Overseeing the smooth operational running and delivery across all administration tasks, Vivien provides business critical operations and executive assistance to ensure the best client experience and that all our systems, procedures and workflows are highly effective. 

Untitled design (13).png

ROSIE, The Blue Sky Dog
Miniature Schnauzer and integral team member, Rosie, has had a successful 4 years providing occasional background barking noises during Zoom sessions. Rosie also provides cuddles and tug of war opportunities but likes to eat and shout at delivery drivers the best. 

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