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Blue Sky Career Consulting Workshops

Welcome to our transformative workshops, where career and personal development take shape. In today's dynamic business landscape, investing in professional development is paramount for sustained success.

At Blue Sky Career Consulting, we've crafted a range of workshops designed to enhance skills and generate insights at every career stage. Whether up-skilling, aiding transitions, or fostering growth, our practical approach equips your team with the tools and knowledge for role excellence and overall impact.

With a focus on fostering practical skills and cultivating insights, we invite you to embark on a journey of growth. Join us as we combine career expertise with passion, guiding you toward a future that's not just promising, but truly fulfilling.

We provide a range of workshops (outlined below), but we also create bespoke workshops to suit your individual, team, or organisation's needs. 
All our workshops are tailored to suit your goals, budget, preferred delivery style, and staffing levels.
Reach out to us for a chat.   

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Professional Branding Workshop
Aim: The Professional Branding Workshop is often delivered as part of outplacement, when an organisation is downsizing or making changes and want to support the outgoing staff with their job search. The workshop ensures the staff member is presenting the very best version of themselves to the job market. 
Length: 3.5 hours

- What is your current brand
​- Creating a strong resume and cover letter
- Developing and utilising your LinkedIn profile

- Managing reputation

Often paired with our Interview Coaching Workshop.
Interview Coaching Workshop
Aim: The Interview Coaching Workshop is often delivered as part of outplacement, when an organisation is downsizing or making changes and want to support the outgoing staff with their job search. The workshop ensures they feel prepared and confident during the interview, securing more job offers.  
Length: 2.5 hours

- Preparation and Creating a great first impression 
​- How to answer Common and General questions

- How to answer Technical and Behavioural Questions
- Creating questions for them, and closing the interview well
- Overcoming nerves and feeling confident

Often paired with our Professional Branding Workshop.
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Leadership Development Workshop
Aim: The Leadership Development Workshop aims to provide current or emerging leaders with the skills, qualities, and understanding to create an effective and motivated workforce. 
Length: 1 Day
- The role of the leader and effective leadership behaviours
- Personal SWOT analysis 
- Leadership styles and using these to your advantage
- Motivating your team and providing feedback
- Effective communication
- Creating a culture of trust
- Building resilience

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Career Transition Workshop
Aim: The Career Transition Workshop is aimed at organisations that are currently downsizing and want to support their outgoing staff with the practical tools and skills to secure their next role. 
Length: 1 Day
- What's next for you? 
- Creating an effective resume and cover letter
- Creating and utilising your LinkedIn profile
- Develop your job search strategy
- Effective (and not scary) networking
- Interviewing like a pro
- Keeping motivated and positive
Online Socializing
Maximising LinkedIn™️ Workshop
Aim: The LinkedIn™️ Workshop will teach you and your team how to create a strong online presence, build engagement, and make the most of this underrated tool.
Length: 1/2 Day
- Creating an eye-catching profile that stands out
- Building your LinkedIn™️ network
- Developing an online brand
- Creating engagement
- Tips, tricks, and additional functionalities

- Your questions answered
College Students
Career Starter Workshop
Aim: This workshop is perfect for university, TAFE, or college students who are looking to kickstart their career and secure their perfect first role. 
Length: 1/2 Day
- Your perfect job
- Identifying strengths and skill set
- Professional branding (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn™️)
- Building your reputation
- Effective job searching and building a network
- Interviewing like a boss
MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)  Workshop
Aim:The MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) instrument is the most widely used personality assessment in the world. It is a self-reported personality questionnaire that is used to measure and describe people’s preferences for how they like to gain information, make decisions, and interact with the world. Great for personal development, understanding behaviours, improving team performance and communication, and managing workplace relationships. 
Length: 1/2 Day and Full Day available. 
The workshop includes the MBTI personality test, results debrief, and interactive activities. 

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Leadership Anchor
Career Transition Anchor
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