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5 LinkedIn™️-based job search tactics that you aren't using but absolutely should be!

Updated: Feb 14

1️⃣ Actively engage with recruiters: Take a proactive approach by not only connecting with recruiters in your industry, but sending personalised messages, and staying engaged with their content.

2️⃣ Request recommendations: Build your credibility by asking colleagues, managers, and / or clients for recommendations that highlight your strengths. The algorithm loves these too!

3️⃣ Join and actually utilise LinkedIn™️ groups: Actively participating in groups and discussions will not only expand your network but may lead to job opportunities.

4️⃣ Use the 'Open to Finding a New Job' Feature: Ok, you might already be doing this one, but if not, get this set up immediately. Keep it to 'Recruiters only', I'm not a fan of the 'All LinkedIn™️ members' option, it looks a bit desperate.

5️⃣ Follow and set alerts for your target companies: Did you know that you can set up job alerts for specific companies? Be notified of any new job listings by them. And be sure to follow them too to receive their company updates.

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