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How To Write A Cover Letter - The 5 Things You Need To Know

Here are our 5 Top Tips for writing a cover letter that works!

If your first question is ‘Do I really even need a cover letter?’ please check out our blog post on the subject here.

1. Never send out a generic cover letter.

It needs to be personalised for each application. We know Recruiters and Hiring Managers who make choices between applicants via a cover letter review. Some only proceed to phone screen or the next stage with candidates who have personalised their cover letters! It could be your edge over your competitors!

2. Ensure that the format is aligned with your resume.

They should look like a complementary set of documents as this is more memorable and professional. Use the same font and formatting elements such as headers, margins and bullet points etc.

3. Yes, you read that right! Use Bullet points.

Bullet points are a fantastic tool for getting information across succinctly in your cover letter. They let the reader find the information they are looking for quickly and a great tool for ensuring you clearly hit the key essential or desired requirements.

4. Use the Hiring Manager or Recruiters name.

If you search for this and come up with nothing, you could call the business to confirm the best person to attention your letter to or you could use the business name e.g. ‘Dear Blue Sky Career Consulting’.

5. Think about what you offer, not what you want.

Don’t regurgitate your resume or use the cover letter to frame up what you are looking for or your needs. It needs to be constructed with a focus on your compatibility with the role and business. Focus on how you meet their specific criteria, how you can add value and how you will suit their business and why! Share a quick story or achievement or two to support your brand and claims.

BONUS TIP - Use the Real Aloud function in Word

The Read Aloud function is so valuable for both resume and cover letter! Once you have proofread and spell-checked your documents, please ask a friend or family to review and also use the ‘Read Aloud’ function in Word under the ‘Review’ tab.

Overall, try and have fun with your cover letter! Allow some of your personality to shine through. Perhaps share how excited or pleased you are to be applying and why. Or why you are impressed by or interested in their business.

If you need professional help with writing an awesome cover letter, please get in touch at, we'd love to help.


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