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3 Job Search Tactics That Don't Get Used Enough

If you are job searching, it is important that you look further than the usual Seek and LinkedIn for roles. As let's face it, that's where everyone is! Reflect on your own career to date - did all of your roles come via Seek, it's unlikely.

The 3 strategies below are what is known as 'proactive' rather than 'reactive' job searching.

1️⃣ Recruiters - should be an important part of any job search strategy. Shop around till you find a great one that specialises in your industry or sector.

2️⃣ Your current network - who do you already know that could be of help? Let friends, family and old colleagues know you are looking for a new role. Word of Mouth is an amazing tool for job searching.

3️⃣ Cold calling - this can happen in many different ways. For example, think about your ideal role / company - who would be a key decision maker in hiring for this position? Reach out to them via LinkedIn and connect. It could be a Senior Manager, HR Manager, or even the CEO! Also, send in a prospective application to any companies you'd like to work for. You can also attend webinars and events to build a new network. The options for 'cold calling' are endless.

Get in touch if we can be of help with your job search.

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