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Blue Sky Career Consulting - Meet The Team

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

International Women's Day! What an awesome group of talented, dedicated and consistently inspiring women. Thank you for everything you do.

Meet the Team -

Top Left - Sheridan Hawkins - Career Coach, Interview Trainer, Resume Writer and all-round Blue Sky Company Guru. Sydney based.

Top Middle - Julie Knox - Career Coach, Interview Trainer, LinkedIn Expert and Owner of our fabulous company. Sydney based.

Top Right - Alicia Baden - Resume Writer, Application Specialist as well as newly crowned Career & Interview Coach - Yay! Sydney based.

Middle Left - Sue Rice - Resume Writer extraordinaire - our in-house linguistics specialist. Sue has all your writing needs covered. Sydney based.

Middle Right - Anna Fleming - our end to end Career Expert - Career Coach, Resume Writer, LinkedIn Writer and Interview Trainer. Sydney based.

Bottom Left - Jeanette Walton - Resume Writer Jeanette has a way with words. She can help with any and all of your writing requirements. Melbourne based.

Bottom Middle - Wendy Holden - Resume Writer and Career Transition Specialist. Melbourne based.

Bottom Right - Jenni Simmons - Career Coach, Interview Coach, Career Transition Specialist and Resume Writer (plus all-round awesome human). Melbourne based.

Although we are Sydney and Melbourne based we see clients from all over Australia via Zoom / Skype or even good old-fashioned phone too!

So even if you are looking for a Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Gold Coast, wherever Career Coach or Resume Writer, please get in touch. We'd absolutely love to help.

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