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Do you have Career Mindset Blocks?

Every day I see wonderful clients who are holding themselves back. They are under-earning, not fulfilling their potential, and putting self-made barriers in place to stop them from progressing either upwards or into a more satisfying role. This is known as Career Mindset Blocks! Career mindset blocks can include: lack of confidence, fear of rejection, doubt as to what you’d like to do, or uncertainty as to how to actually move forward. Actions you can take: 1️⃣ Reflect on your own career – are you 100% happy in your current role? If not, what is actually stopping you from making the change? 2️⃣ Challenge your beliefs and your inner critic. Are they telling you that you can’t make a change? Push back. 3️⃣ Reflect on all your achievements and skills – you do have value to add to a new role. 4️⃣ Take small but practical steps – update your resume, sign up for job alerts, switch on the ‘Let recruiters know you are open’ on LinkedIn. 5️⃣ Reach out to a Career Coach who can support you through the transition. Don’t let career mindset blocks hold you back. #career #mindset #jobsearchtips #personaldevelopment

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