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Changing jobs is simple..... but not easy.

We all know what to do, but actually making it happen can be extremely difficult.

The 5 simple steps are:

1️⃣ Understand the ideal next role for you

2️⃣ Update your resume and LinkedIn to reflect

3️⃣ Start looking and applying

4️⃣ Interview well

5️⃣ Accept the offer and hand in your resignation!

Seems simple, but as we know these steps aren't always easy.

⛔️ You may not be sure what the ideal role is for you

⛔️ You might not be the best at selling yourself on paper or in person

⛔️ You may not know the best places to look for roles or how to network effectively

This is exactly why a Career Coach can be an essential support when you decide to change roles.

We take the stress, uncertainty and frustration out of a career change. We are the experts, we keep you accountable, and we provide support and encouragement throughout.

So if you are ready to change roles, please reach out. I'd love to help.

Simple and Easy

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