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Is Career Coaching Worth The Money?

Are you considering seeing a career advisor or career counsellor, but are wondering if it is worth the money? We get it! Budgets can get tight, life is expensive, and you need to be assured your money is well spent or invested. So here are just some of the reasons why we know your money is worth investing in career counselling. Gain Career clarity

Individuals who have career clarity progress and develop in their careers more quickly. They know the end goals and therefore the types of projects to volunteer for, the conversations to start and how to manage their performance and development reviews with a future focus. Saving Time

Career counselling will save you time! Through a session you could get straight to the source of your dissatisfaction, understand the personality traits which will ensure your success in a career transition, and allow you to make your career decision sooner! Increased Job Search Success

A career counsellor or career advisor can give you answers to questions that have arisen around your job search approach, which separately may take months for you to glean through your own personal trial and error! Learn how your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn should look and where you should be focusing your energy quickly! Don’t waste months trying to work it out on your own! Making The Most Of Opportunities

Engaging with a career counsellor or career advisor, who can help you with your resume and interviewing skills, will minimise the chances of you being overlooked for the roles that you are targeting. Your resume and interviewing skills should maximise your opportunities and choices. Ideally empowering you to decide if a job offer is right for you, not having to take the first offer you receive. Reduced Stress In Decision Making And Career Transitions

Whether it is the unnerving feeling associated with taking a job or starting a course that you are not sure about, or applying for a role unsuccessfully without a clue as to why - the career transition and job search process can be a stressful one, but it’s doesn’t have to be. With the help of a Career Counsellor, Advisor or Coach you can feel at peace and supported through the whole process. A bonus that will come with your investment is the increased confidence and enjoyment you will have through this process and throughout your career.

And that's worth every penny! If you are keen to learn more about us, our services or programs please get in touch on 1300 844 054, by completing our contact form or emailing us at

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