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3 Career Goals you should have in 2021


And Happy New Year!

After the crazy year that was 2020, we are all hoping 2021 will be better all round.

Have you set yourself any New Year’s resolutions? Do you have a career plan for this year? I love creating goals for myself, it really motivates me, especially when I write them out, pin them up and share them with my family and friends so I’m kept accountable.

There’s no perfect way to set goals, but I’m about to share 3 goals I want you to set for yourself this year.

Side note: want to be kept accountable for these goals? Email them to me at and I’ll check in with you throughout the year to see how you are progressing!

Goal #1 – A work task goal

This goal is all about challenging yourself to do something different at work.

Perhaps it’s getting involved in a new project to diversity your skillset, maybe it’s learning a new work system you’ve been putting off, perhaps it’s speaking with your manager about taking on a new task or more responsibility.

Whatever this goal is for you, it will not only improve your knowledge and skills, but show your employer that you are proactive, keen and valuable to have around.

Goal #2 – A reputation or personal brand goal

Reputation and how others view us plays a huge part in our career trajectory. So, for this goal, I want you to think about 1 thing you can do to improve in this area.

Perhaps it’s updating your LinkedIn profile, perhaps doing some proactive networking with colleagues in the office, offering to support your manager with a tricky task, or cleaning up your social media accounts.

Think about it, what’s the thing you’ve been putting off doing around reputation and personal brand? We all have something!

Goal #3 – Set a 2022 goal

This one is about thinking big! Where do you want to be a year from now? What is your longer-term plan? We can change a lot of things in the next 365 days so where do you want to be?


Write these all down. Stick them on your fridge or next to your laptop. Share them with your loved ones.

As you may have noticed, the first 2 are really just warm up goals for the goal number 3. Goal 1 and 2 should be fairly easy to achieve in the next couple of months and hopefully should provide you with momentum to continue to work towards the biggie!

I can’t wait to hear your goals so get writing them down and email them to me.



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