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10 Reasons You're Not Getting Interviews.

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

If you've been job searching for some time and not getting consistent interviews, here are some suggestions as to what might be going wrong...👇👇👇

SIDE NOTE: Great News - These are all things you CAN control and that can be worked on.

1️⃣ - Your resume doesn't sell you (no achievements for example)

2️⃣ - You're relying too much on traditional job websites

3️⃣ - You're sending a generic cover letter

4️⃣ - There's something dodgy about you on Google or Social Media!

5️⃣ - You're LinkedIn profile isn't consistent with your resume

6️⃣ - You're applying for jobs that don't match your skillset

7️⃣ - Your contact details are wrong or missing (it does happen!)

8️⃣ - You're not tailoring your applications

9️⃣ - There are spelling or grammar mistakes in your application

🔟 - You didn't follow the directions of the job advert

⭐️⭐️ If you need help getting interviews, please get in touch. We can help.


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