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Congratulations! You've just landed a job interview.

It is important to remember (without scaring the pants off yourself) that this is your one big chance to make a great impression....

So, to make the most of the opportunity, it is now time for the preparation to begin..

Here are my top 5 MUST DOs when prep'ing for an interview:

1️⃣ Re-read the job description and make note of all the key requirements and themes.

2️⃣ Review your own experiences, skills and education - how can you address each of the identified themes, ideally with a brilliant example.

3️⃣ Research the company in more detail - services/products, competitors, values, recent org changes, social media accounts etc.

4️⃣ Make a list of potential questions they are likely to ask you (again based on the themes), you should probably have about 10 - 15.

5️⃣ Practice out loud, create yourself a Zoom meeting and record yourself, watch back and adjust as required.

✅ Bonus 'Must Do' - prepare at least 2 or 3 questions for them and have a short closing 'sales pitch' to close out the interview confidently.

If I can help with your next job interview, get in touch. 👉 Over 90% of our interview clients were offered the job we helped them prepare for! 🤩

Best of Luck 😊

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