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How to Prepare For Your Online Video Interview

Have you been invited to video record yourself as part of a recruitment process?

One way video screening or video interviews are a trend that is fast picking up momentum, particularly in larger businesses. They often replace the initial ‘phone screen’ component of the recruitment process and involve you logging in and responding to some pre-set questions with a time restriction of between two and five minutes.

During these video interviews, there is no human at the other end of the link, you are talking directly to the screen. This can be unnerving, pressured and all in all a bit weird!

So here are our top tips to help you navigate them effectively…

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare!

Do not attempt to ‘wing it’! Spend some time brainstorming what you are likely to be asked using the original job ad or the position description for clues. Document some points and stories you would like to include in your responses.

  • Your aim should be connection, not perfection.

Avoid trying to remember your answers or stories word for word, but rather aim to be clear on your pitch and key points you would like to make on your suitability, interest in the role and related experience.

  • Adjust your answer according to the time allowed.

You won't know how long you have to answer each question till you get in there. Call upon the key points from the above tip and frame your answer within the time constraints.

  • Consider your surroundings.

A simple or at least neat and tidy background is important. Unlike Zoom or Teams you may not be able to pop a digital filter on so choose your position and angles carefully.

  • Look the part.

Dress and present like you would for a full in person interview.

  • Take a brisk walk

Or move your body with a dance, stretch or even housework before you settle and centre yourself for the recording. This will help get your energy levels up. Then take three long deep breaths directly before you commence.

  • Smile & keep it light.

This is so important. Your smile can relax the ‘viewer’ and make the experience more enjoyable at their end. Remember they will likely be reviewing your video amongst many others. Think about building rapport when you deliver your answers.

  • Keep it in perspective.

It is likely that you have been asked to record your responses because of your resume. They already like the sound of you! This is just a chance to let this come to life in 3D and for the employer to assess your communication skills.

If you need help preparing for a video screen or one way interview please contact us at to discuss our interview coaching services with one of our skilled Career Coaches. Or call 1300 844 054 for a chat.

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