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The 1 Essential Thing That Most Job Seekers Forget

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Job Seekers - this one is especially for you.

What does your voicemail say about you?

Most people (approx. 8/10) have no idea what their phone's voicemail message says.

I'm not talking about your work phone, but your personal mobile phone. The one that potential hiring managers, recruiters, or HR staff will call you on to make an interview appointment. The number on the top of your resume.

If you are currently job seeking - please go right now and check your voicemail recorded message!

It shouldn't:

❌ be silent

❌ have lots of background noise (this is very common)

❌ be the standard message the phone company provides

❌ have your nickname

❌ be something funny (or trying to be!)

It should:

✅ be your own voice

✅ be clear and easy to understand

✅ be professional

✅ have at least your first name (if not both names)

✅ include clear instructions what the caller should do

This can make a huge difference to your professional brand - so go check it now!

Once you are in your new job, feel free to change it to anything you want, but whilst job searching, it's an essential part of your professional brand.


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