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Negotiating Your Salary - Scary But Worth It.

Always, always negotiate your salary when being offered a new job... here's why...

You have been offered a new role, congratulations! Along with the job offer comes a salary OFFER. This is very much part of a negotiation phase. However, for many of us, negotiating a salary can feel awkward, uncomfortable, scary or even rude.

But what I want you to remember is that that awkward 5/10 minute conversation could earn you an extra $5k, $10K, $20K +++! And afterwards, it just becomes a number on a screen somewhere, no one knows, cares or remembers the negotiation.

So, tell the hiring manager you are thrilled to be offered the role and thanks for the offer of $XXk salary. Given your skills and experience, would they consider $XXK as a starting salary instead (adds on $5K, $10k etc). Tell them why you're worth it.

Remember, by this point they are invested in you, they like you, they want you in their company. Are they really prepared to lose you for an extra $5k? I doubt it.

More often than not they'll pause the conversation to think about it, discuss with HR etc. They may then 1. agree (great), 2. come back with a counter offer (still in negotiation phase) or 3. refuse. If they refuse, you still have the original offer to consider (you haven't lost this opportunity).

If they refuse, I would then suggest asking for a salary review to be built in so that if you are meeting all your KPIs after 3 or 6 months, they increase your salary then.

Always lots of options for negotiation.

Remember, it's an offer and counteroffers are allowed.

Believe in your own value and back yourself. Scary but worth it.

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