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10 Step Checklist To Create A Kick-Ass Resume

We all know how important our resume is when it comes to applying for a role.

It’s our personal marketing brochure, it’s what the recruiting manager is judging us on, and ultimately, plays a huge part in whether or not we progress to interview stage.

Remember, the reader doesn’t need fancy graphics or design elements, they just want to find the relevant information quickly and easily, and understand what value you can add to their organisation.

To ensure your resume is kick-ass, complete the 10 step checklist below.

The resume:

1. Includes personal details – name, email address and phone number. (You’d be amazed at how many people forget these!). Excludes date of birth, marital status, home address, and a photo.

2. Showcases a professional profile section – a short paragraph at the top of the resume outlining your offering. Think of this as a mini sales pitch.

3. Lists all relevant work experience in chronological order, most recent first, and outlines responsibilities and achievements for each role.

4. Has a Key Skills section so the reader knows instantly what your strengths are.

5. Outlines education, short courses, and any relevant volunteering, professional memberships etc.

6. Does not use graphics, text boxes or other design elements that make it hard for ‘application tracking software’ to read.

7. Uses clear, easy to find headings such as ‘Education & Training’ to allow the reader to find the relevant information quickly and easily.

8. Has an easy-to-read font, perhaps a bit of colour, uses bullet points, has lots of white space, and is ultimately visually appealing.

9. Is 100% error free – no spelling or grammar mistakes please.

10. Is a true representation of you, your skills and your value add.

Like to know more about creating your own perfect resume, head on over to Blue Sky Career Consulting’s eBook for a step by step guide.

Or, if you’d like a professional Resume Writer to create a kick-ass resume for you, click here.

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