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⭐️20 Quick Job Search Tips⭐️

1. Get clear on what you want

2. Research the role to understand what employers want

3. Identify gaps in your skillset based on No. 2

4. Look for opportunities to address these gaps

5. Tailor your resume

6. Tailor your LinkedIn profile

7. Tailor your cover letter

8. Google yourself to check for any bad stuff 😉

9. Start looking for jobs (Don't just use Seek!)

10. Chat with the contact person from the job advert BEFORE applying

11. Apply well - do what they ask

12. Keep track of what you've applied for

13. Don't apply on the first or last day of a job advert

14. Avoid Mondays and Fridays when applying

15. Make a list of companies you'd like to work for

16. Follow them on social media

17. Connect with people who work there

18. Chat with appropriate recruiters

19. Review your existing network - who can help?

20. Build your network on LinkedIn

🌟 BONUS TIP: Only job search for a max of 4 hours per day

There are soooo many more tips we could provide, but hoping this gives any job seekers out there a decent starting point.

Get in touch if we can help further -

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