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6 Top Tips for Job Searching During Lockdown

If you are out of work and in part of Australia that is currently in lockdown, here are some quick tips to help with your job search.

  1. Don’t presume companies will stop hiring during the pandemic or a lockdown. Keep your job search up if you can!

  2. Only spend 2-3 hours a day on your job search activities and take at least one full day off over the weekend.

  3. Turn the email alerts off on your phone and only review job alerts during your scheduled job search time. It is best to dedicate ‘distraction free’ time to advertisement reviews and application writing.

  4. Ride the wave of activity on LinkedIn, get commenting, sharing and connecting. Check in on people within your network. Working from home full time can be fairly isolating.

  5. Consider taking on a contract role. We know the concern of having to look again in six or twelve months can be daunting, but long term a contract role will be more beneficial than an extended period of unemployment.

  6. Consider commencing a course. Short courses are great for up-skilling yourself. It will also look good on your resume and give you some content to discuss when you attend an interview.

Just as a reminder, we offer a free resume review or 15 minute career call to those that could benefit from it so if you are interested in either please email us at

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