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Applying for a Government role - let's face it, it sucks.

Between the hours tailoring the resume, creating a new cover letter, AND then addressing all 8 of their selection criteria (half a page each), or answering their targeted questions (1 page each), or writing a 2 page submission addressing every single context of the role - they really are the pits. And when done well, it can take about 8-10 hours to pull together - YIKES.

Currently, public sector roles are, on average, receiving over double the usual number of applicants compared to last year - the competition is fierce.

The only good news, is that consistently over half of the applicants apply very badly and are culled instantly.

My tips for applying for a government role:

✅ Identify roles you actually want and are prepared to put the work in for.

✅ Be choosy as you need to apply well.

✅ Be sure you genuinely meet almost all criteria requirements.

✅ Call the contact person before applying, ask if they have a contractor already in the role!

✅ Have strong STAR examples to include in your application.

✅ Do what they ask, in full, no exceptions.

✅ Spend the time, however long it takes.

Have you applied for a Government role recently? I'd love to know your experiences 👇👇👇

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