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Why Choose Blue Sky Career Consulting For Your Outplacement Support?

With so many companies offering outplacement services across the Sydney region, why choose Blue Sky Career Consulting to support your staff through a career transition?

1. All our outplacement sessions are on a one to one basis, either in person or via Skype/phone. This ensures a personalised approach. 

Many organisations offer virtual outplacement services via training platforms or online modules. Whilst this may suit a very small proportion of outplacement clients, in our experience, most individuals who have been made redundant want work with a human who can empathise and emotionally support them through this often difficult time. That's why all the Blue Sky Career Consulting outplacement sessions are with a dedicated Career Consultant who will be there for them throughout the journey. 2. We have a team of highly experienced Career Consultants who are experts in providing your staff with not only the practical tools and techniques but also the emotional support required.

As above, our Career Coaches and Resume Writers provide the personal touch by working directly with your staff on an individual basis. Added to this however, is that all our staff are professionally qualified and have extensive experience working with outplacement clients. 3. We tailor-make each session to fit the client's needs. 

Although we have a framework of services that we offer to our outplacement clients, we tailor each and every single session to their unique career situation, job role, industry and career goal. There isn't a one size fits all approach but instead a highly personalised and individual approach to ensure your staff receive the best quality support, guidance and care. 4. We are specialists in the Sydney job market and understand the opportunities and challenges your staff may face. 

Our offices are based on Pitt Street in Sydney's CBD and we consider ourselves experts in the Sydney job market. We have worked with literally thousands of clients from almost all sectors and industries over the last 7 years and have strong links to recruitment agencies and other job support services that your staff may benefit from.

5. We've been there!

Redundancy isn't uncommon these days and in-fact, each of our staff members has been made redundant as some point of their own careers in the past. So, we get it! We know how it feels, the uncertainty it can cause, and the confidence shake-up it brings. This gives us the edge in relating to your staff and their situation.

If you would like to confidentially chat through your business's needs, please give our Director, Julie Knox, a call on 0434 427 255.

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