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How career coaching can help you

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

We work for such a large proportion of our life. And with 40 years or more of working, we are told that we can look forward to seven careers within that time, or is it eight now?

Yet despite life and career experience, it seems the career decision process never gets any easier. By the time we are 30 we have usually tried and tested a few early career paths, some we enjoy, some maybe not so much. But what if we decide to make a change after a longer period within a certain role or industry?

A career change can feel like a marathon – a bit overwhelming, and certainly challenging and draining. But you don’t have to manage this process on your own. A Career Coach can help you. A Career Coach provides support and guidance in helping you determine what your real goals are and how achieve them. Think of a Career Coach as a specialised business therapist, then the value of using one should start to become clearer.

A professional and experienced Career Coach can help you to identify and explain your many career options and how to start positioning yourself to reach both your immediate and long term goals. While it’s tempting to think this is an easy task, it actually requires a deep understanding of the dynamics of different industries and job functions to make the connection between your personality, values and skill set to real-world job market opportunities, as well as identifying gaps and how these can be addressed.

Undoubtedly, one of the most significant benefits of a Career Coach is getting the vital “reboot” or “recharge” during your career transition, from a qualified professional that is on your side. And much like any athlete, having a coach can help you manage the rough periods, focus your energies, improve your skills, and help make you the success you aspire to be.

Blue Sky Career Consulting’s career coaching service is designed to guide, empower, and support you as you establish yourself and advance through your career.

If you would like to know more, book in for a one to one career coaching session, we’d love to help! Email us at or call on 0434 427 255.

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