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How I Refined My Career

What the heck is ‘Career Refinement’?

Career refinement is, in its simplest form, doing more of what you like and less of what you don’t!

I was sitting on the bus the other day heading into the office, thinking back over my own career and reviewing my career journey so far. I realised that each step I had made had refined my career to fit my choices, priorities and interests at the time. Some were big changes, some small, some sideways, some forwards. But each time, I moved into something new that fitted where I wanted to be, what I wanted to focus on, and what would give me the most job satisfaction. I refined my career, and no doubt will continue to do so.

Here is my career journey so far.. 

  • Waitress (initial school job)

Enjoyed working with people but needed something less casual so moved into..

  •  Aged Care 

Loved the helping people side but wanted something less hands on, so moved into…

  • Call Centre Rep 

Liked being in an office and dealing with people but wanted to help on a deeper level so moved into…

  • Training Officer

Worked one on one with people, enjoyed giving advice then was offered an opportunity to move up internally so moved into…

  • Team Leader then People Manager

Promotion to manage staff and ended up with a team of 50 (including 4 team leaders). Realised I didn’t actually like this level of business operations responsibility so transitioned into….

  • Learning & Development Specialist

Enjoyed the new company and diversity of the role (stayed there for 8 years in various HR related roles including coaching elements which I thoroughly enjoyed). Ready for a big life change so moved to Australia…

  • Career Coach

Saw this role as an opportunity to specialise in a meaningful helping role, advising others, working one to one, and focusing on a big part of what I had enjoyed previously. From here, wanted a bit more freedom of hours so moved into….

  • Career Consultant

Love the career specialism and the freedom of consulting but also wanted to reap my own rewards too so started my business…

  • Blue Sky Career Consulting Business Owner & Career Coach with some consulting thrown in too! 

And here I am today. 

If you are feeling stuck in a rut with your current role, this is a great exercise to complete. Note down all the roles you’ve had in your career journey – what did you enjoy, why did you move on, what do you like from your most recent roles now, and how can you do more of it? 

Note: Sometimes we need a complete change of scenery, to fully retrain into something brand new, and that’s ok too. 

So as I said, career refinement is, in its simplest form, doing more of what you like and less of what you don’t!

Let me know your career journey in the comments below. 

(And of course, if you need help refining your career – get in touch -

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