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Job Search Tip

If you don't try you will definitely fail. Believe in yourself.

VALID reasons to NOT apply for a job...

☑️ You don't meet at least 70-80% of what they are asking for

☑️ The salary is too low

☑️ You've heard bad things about the company

☑️ You don't believe in what they do

☑️ The commute is nearly unmanageable

INVALID reasons to NOT apply for a job...

❌ Lack of self-belief or self-confidence

❌ You don't meet every single criteria on their job ad

❌ You think you're too old or too young (or too anything)!

❌ Your friend/partner/colleague says you won't get the job

❌ The closing date is tomorrow and your resume isn't perfect (not ideal but seriously, apply anyway)

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