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⭐️⭐️ Job Seekers - This post is for you ⭐️⭐️

It's a tough market out there, with lots of highly skilled and experienced candidates looking for work. As tricky (and often frustrating) as that can be, it's so important that you only focus on the things you can control, and not the things you can't.

Things you CAN'T control...

👎 The number of other applicants

👎 Who is hiring

👎 The calibre of the other candidates

👎 The mindset of the hiring manager (or their biases)

👎 The job market or number of jobs available

Things you CAN control...

👍 How well you present yourself (resume, cover letter)

👍 Your professional reputation (including LinkedIn)

👍 Your mindset (negativity won't help find a job faster)

👍 Your relationships (build and use that network)

👍 Your proactive V reactive job search (don't just wait for advertised jobs, reach out to recruiters too)

Keep up the good work, stay positive, and feel free to InMail me if you are struggling.

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