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Looking for motivation? Look no further!

Whether you are job searching, considering a career change, or just need a boost in your current role, this technique is a good way to stop, take stock, and get motivated...

It may sound a bit cheesy, but it's about understanding your 'why'.

It's the 3 times 'why' rule.

Ask yourself - Why?

For example:

- Why am I looking for a new job; or

- Why do I need a career change; or

- Why am I bored at work?

Then ask yourself again - Why?

Then ask yourself one more time - Why?

Often the answer is about a deeper value for you. Perhaps spending more time with family, perhaps having a rewarding fulfilling career that challenges you, perhaps earning more money so can you live the life you want.

Once you understand your 'why', write it down and stick it next to your laptop, or on your fridge, or bathroom mirror! Keep your 'why' in mind to keep you motivated, whether to find the next job, or ask for the promotion, or start a new career.

And if you need professional support, don't hesitate to reach out -


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