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5 Questions To Ask Your Boss To Get Ahead.

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

With the world of work changing so much over the past 6 months, and continuing to change as we move forward, I encourage each and everyone of you to take control and make an appointment to chat with your boss.

Questions to ask:

👉 What do they see the working arrangements being over the next 12 months?

👉 Do they think your role will change and if so, how?

👉 Is there opportunity for you to support the business by adapting (i.e. progressing) the role?

👉 Where can you add value to the business above and beyond your current role?

👉 What can you do to support your boss in their role?

Remember, this is, yes - looking out for yourself, but equally as important, showing your boss you genuinely want to support them and the business through the turbulent times.

This proactive approach will be appreciated and remembered at a later date, and you will start, or continue, to build your reputation as a valued, engaging employee.

Remember - there are 2 ways to handle these changes and 2 ways you will be viewed:

1. A complainer, a worrier, expecting others to fix problems ☹️


2. A problem solver, a proactive creator, someone looking for opportunities, a collaborative supporter, a business advocate 😀

Book that appointment today.

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