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When and Why to Hire a Career Coach.

Firstly, let’s explain what a Career Coach is and does!

A Career Coach provides support and guidance, helping you determine what your real career goals are, and how best to achieve them. While you may only search for a new role occasionally, or switch careers a handful of times in your life, these professionals are up to date with current hiring practices, job markets, and career best practice because they're constantly working with job seekers and career changers.

If you answer Yes to any of the following, then a Career Coach could help you…

· Are you bored at work or do you dislike your job?

· Are you unsure about which career path would suit you or where your passion lies?

· Are you uncertain about how to move forward with your career?

· Have you been dissatisfied at work or are struggling to find and/or secure the next role?

A good Career Coach will be well versed in career development and planning, self development coaching techniques, interviewing skills, professional branding (resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles), network building and motivation. Coaches also ensure accountability and keep clients moving forward in their career transition journey.    

When is the right time to hire a Career Coach?

In reality, many people wait until they have applied for dozens of roles without success, or, are in a job role they really hate before reaching out to a Career Coach. And whilst a Coach can certainly be of benefit at these stages, there are many other key career journey intersections that a Career Coach can be of huge benefit. Ideally, we want to engage a Career Coach before you really need one!

So, whether just starting out and unsure which path, course or even high school subject to take, a Career Coach can help. If you have taken a break from the workforce and are ready to return or change, a career Coach can help. Or, if you are ready for the next move up, change of job role or company, a Career Coach can help. Basically, anytime you are about to make a fairly impactful decision within your career path, Career Coaches can be invaluable to ensure you are pointed in the right direction and are equipped with the skills, tools and confidence to make your move.

How to find the right Career Coach for you.

Like with so many other service based industries, word of mouth is often the best place to start. This can then be followed up by a LinkedIn search and a bit of web based research to create your shortlist. The most important step however, is that you have the opportunity to chat with your coach BEFORE engaging with them. You need to feel there is a connection and a good fit from the beginning, after all you are trusting this person to support you within a major aspect of your life.

What should I look for in a good Career Coach?

A reputable Career Coach will be a member of a ‘Coaching’ or ‘Career Coaching’ professional body, e.g. the CDAA. Also, ideally but not essentially, the Career Coach may have studied career development or coaching to ensure a thorough understanding of the appropriate theories and best practices.

The main things to look for however, are testimonials, references and recommendations from their previous client base. LinkedIn is very useful for this information.

Is Career Coaching worth the Money?

If you find the right Career Coach for you, one who is reputable and knowledgeable and who delivers, then absolutely, YES! Your financial investment will be repaid 10 times over if you are in a job you love, happy in your career, and feeling good about your work-life. As we know, work is such a huge part of our lives that when we’re not happy, it unfortunately often has a knock-on negative effect to our home-life.

A Career Coach’s experience, guidance and unbiased support can help you get results, in what potentially will be a fraction of the time of what you would have taken if working through these areas on your own.

So what are your next step?

If you are making a change in your career, please feel free to give Blue Sky Career Consulting a call to see if we are the right fit for you!

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