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5 Key things I've learned as a Career Coach

I’ve been a dedicated Career Coach for the last 8 years and an HR and L&D professional for 12 years before that. Throughout my career, I have worked with literally hundreds of clients from a huge variety of backgrounds. It’s been a fantastic journey so far and, as all good Career Coaches do, I was recently reflecting on my own career experiences and my role within the lives of my clients.

Here are 5 key points I can summarise from my Carer Coach experience:

1. People Are Awesome! – One of the biggest buzzes I get is the excitement (and sometimes nerves) of meeting new people every day. And you know what, almost all people are awesome - we are a human race of genuinely nice folk. It’s a thrill when, by the end of the session, I have built a solid rapport and trust with my clients and have thoroughly enjoyed spending time with them. Thanks humans – keep up the good work!

2. We’re All Different But Really All The Same – Each client’s journey is of course unique. People come from different backgrounds, are raised in different ways, have different education experiences, and different jobs and workplaces. However, what nearly all of my clients have in common is that they are looking for job satisfaction, money to pay for their lifestyle (at whatever level that is for them), decent colleagues and something meaningful (a role that aligns with their personal values). My job is to get to the bottom of all these different aspects and help find the career that ticks their individual boxes.

3. Motivation Plays A Key Factor In Success – As I’ve said, I’ve worked with a hugely diverse range of clients over the years - from Year 10, 16 year old school kids right through to CEOs of multinational organisations - and what sets those who succeed apart is that they are driven to make changes. Success, of course, looks different for each individual but getting there takes action. As Career Coaches we can provide the best advice, ask all the right questions, get plans in place, and start the motivation process but unless the client is willing to do the work, not much will change.

4. It’s Actually Good News When A Client Hates Their Job – What? Did I really just say that? Well yes, because following on from point 3 above, a really bad job gives clients the motivation to make the change. There is a huge percentage of the population out there whose job is mediocre, it’s ok, it pays the bills, its fine. So it’s too easy to stick with it but never be truly happy. However, when clients hate their job, we use these negative feelings and channel them into something productive, taking back control and kick-starting the change towards their ideal.

5. Investing In Ourselves Can Make All The Difference – Taking time out to invest in oneself and our future creates not just a solid commitment to moving forward, but also the foundation on which to build. Whether this is an investment of time to think about our career and set goals, an educational investment to upskill or retrain, or an investment in professional support through a Career Coach, Resume Writer or Interview Trainer for example, investing in these ways empowers us and often provides a confidence boost to ensure success. Don’t underestimate the power of believing and investing in oneself.

If I can be of help to you in your career journey, please get in touch.

Julie Knox, Career Coach and Director at Blue Sky Career Consulting

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