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Top 10 Tips to Help You Discover a Company’s Culture

Company culture is incredibly important when it comes to maintaining a happy, productive and fulfilling work life. Our dream job is often focused around a good role, with good people, at a good company. A place where you can be yourself, feel inspired and truly belong. Understanding a company’s true culture can be challenging until you actually start working there, but there are a few ways you can make an informed choice before accepting a role.

Our top 10 tips for discovering what a company’s culture is really like…

1. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a popular website where you can find company reviews from former and current staff members. It’s a global resource that shows salaries, staff reviews and insider information. Just search for a potential employer, and see what others are saying.

2. The Company Website

Most companies these days will have detailed information on their website about their values. For example, find out if they’re involved in the community or whether they’re an eco-friendly employer. Whatever values are important to you, look for this information and try to proof that they mean what they say!

3. Social Media Accounts

Much like the website, social media pages are a great window into a company’s culture. Do they post photos of happy staff at events? Or is it all about business? These social media profiles often show what’s important to them, so check it out and make sure it lines up with your values.

4. Check Reviews on Seek

Much like Glassdoor, Seek is the all-Australian version that gives you plenty of information. While not solely focused on reviews, you will often find staff feedback for Australian companies.

5. Research Through the Press

News articles are a great source of information. Have they recently won industry awards, or has the management team just been overhauled? Have they been embroiled in scandals? Not much is hidden from the media today, so a simple Google news search can be your best friend.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn can provide a strong insight into a company’s culture. Search up the company and look at employees who currently work there. Have they been there a long time, have they been promoted internally, or does the company have a revolving door of staff! Find the person who was/is doing the job you are applying for, it might give invaluable clues.

7. Personal Networking

Many communities in Australia are small compared to larger cities overseas. This means word of mouth travels fast. Ask around your own personal network, and you’ll possibly find somebody who has worked at the company before (or at least knows somebody else who has). Get the scoop!

8. Pre-Interview Scoping

It sounds a bit like spying, doesn’t it? You don’t have to go into full-blown espionage mode though. Just turn up early to your interview, watch and listen! Depending on where you’re asked to wait, you might get to observe the daily operations and get a feel for the office culture.

9. Asking Questions at the Interview

Of course, one of the best and most direct sources is the employer themselves. Remember, the interview is a chance for you to assess the employer too – it’s not just a one-way street. Ask the interviewer why they like working there, and even try to find out why the role has become vacant.

10. Trust Your Gut

Finally, if you’ve done as much research as possible and your intuition is telling you the culture isn’t a good fit for you, it’s ok to turn the role down. Sometimes your gut is the best and most reliable guide you’ve got!

Need More Help Finding Your Dream Job?

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